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Tech4Learning - The T4L website has everything you need at your fingertips - lesson ideas, how-to videos, downloadable resources and more!

Resources From Tech4Learning -

Below are some of their resources which are relevant to today's sessions.

Some T4L Samples - check the website for more!!!

These activities have students solve open-ended problems. While students have a given set of criteria to complete, the solution is up to each individual student. A great opportunity for students to demonstrate their skill and understanding of concepts in a way that is personal, relevant, and unique!

Getting Started . . .

Some of Susie's Samples . . .

Below are some of the "Pixie in Action" samples I shared and/or mentioned in our sessions today. Though designated for certain grade levels that I teach, they can easily be adapted for other grades depending on your curriculum objectives. A brief description is included to help understand the context of the activity. You are welcome to use, modify, and adapt as needed.

  • Map of my Heart. In this lesson I begin by reading, My Map Book. Students use this template to create a map of their heart. Brainstorm special places in their heart for people, events, holidays, and more. Students use stickers to represent the important things in their hearts.

  • My Senses. Students sort various stickers to show which sense is used for each. Students may copy or clone a sticker to show that more than one sense is used.

  • Recycle Math. Students use the the talk button to listen to number sentences describing a math problem. Then they drag stickers to represent the problem.

  • African American History Sample - Students use paint tools to draws the individual and add stickers that reflect this person's life. Classes begin with the story or video, "Martin's Big Words". Students brainstorm some of Martin's "big words" and type one of his words onto their page. As students progress through the unit, they are challenged to finish typing a sentence starter, and then typing their own sentence. This sample shows great progression.

  • Talking Timeline. This project takes approximately three - four 1 hour class periods to complete. Students learn how the ways people communicate, travel, go to school, and ship goods have changed over time. We begin first with Discovery Streaming Video where the concept of a decade, 1/2 century, and full century are introduced and explained visually on a timeline. Then students discuss how they have changed since their birth. and create a personal timeline of big events in their lives. Then students work in teams of 2 - 3 to create a "talking timeline" about a an assigned time period. Students may use the talk button, if needed, to help them read the text for context clues and insert a picture to match. Then teams practice reading the slides and record. Parters can choral read, echo read, or read individually (depending on needs on student preference) . This assignment is great for building reading fluency. Students can self check and correct.

  • Exit Ticket. This is something that I recently developed for use with new engineering curriculum in Howard County Public Schools. What I love about using Pixie is that students have the option to verbalize what they understand about the topic. Pixie levels the playing field providing our students multiple ways to express what they know, which is in good keeping with Universal Design for Learning.