Hidden Gems in the SMART Gallery
This session will feature ways that teachers can informally assess their students' comprehension skills. This includes activities from the Lesson Activity Toolkit 2.0 as well as activities from the Activity Builder, a new feature available in SMART Notebook 11. In addition, activities which can be used for everyday classroom routines will be presented. The files used in this presentation will be uploaded for others to download and use.
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Getting SMART With Games
This session will focus on ways to create and use games in order to review previously taught content and skills. Games are always a great way to motivate and engage one's students, while providing an enriching and educational experience at the same time. This session will include a variety of games such as "Jeopardy", "Family Feud," and "Deal or No Deal." Files will be available for others to access and modify. Links to find games will be provided as well. Many of the games in this session have been featured on the SMART Exchange as well as other websites and have been created by different .

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Deal or No Deal Game
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Family Feud Dr. Seuss
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Jeopoardy US States

A teacher's guide is attached to "Deal or No Deal" and "Jeopardy" files as well.

Phonological Awareness, The SMART Board and Early Childhood
Phonological awareness is having awareness of the constituent sound of words, which is a reliable predictor of reading success (Adams, 1990). This includes the ability to demonstrate understanding of spoken words, the alphabetic principle, and sounds (phonemes). It is a fundamental underlying skill necessary for successful phonics skill development. Phonics is used to describe the skills and generalizations readers need to relate printed symbols back to the printed word. Research indicates that children who have developed the understanding that words can be segmented into sounds (phonemes) tend to be better readers than those with poor phonological awareness ability (Bradley & Bryant, 1983, 1985). Also included in phonological awareness is phonemic awareness, which is the understanding that words can be segmented into individual sounds and that individual sounds can be blended together to form words. Children should listen and create sounds, enjoy nursery rhymes, and clap words and syllables. These are some of the simple tasks that help promote phonological awareness. This session will feature a variety of SMART NB lessons that enhance students' knowledge of phonological awareness and phonics skills. Different tools and interactive features will be utilized. The lessons used for this presentation have been created by various teachers and will be uploaded to this site for others to download.

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Alphabet Practice high rec.notebook

Kindergarten Phonemic Awareness Activities.notebook

Use Your Five Senses
Every year, I read the book "My Five Senses" by Aliki Brandenberg to my class when I teach about our five senses. This is a great book which is actually one of the informational texts listed in the Common Core State Standards. I was very happy to discover that. This supports the areas of language arts and science. When I asked a representative at the CCSSO (Council of Chief State School Officers) to comment as to why this particular book was listed, her response was, "All of the exemplary texts were chosen based on their text complexity (quantitative measure like Lexiles and qualitative measure such as the complexity of themes and topic). The text also had to be, as we like to say, worthy of close reading. They had to be great works of literature or showcase exemplary writing. We also tried to choose classic texts that educators and parents might be familiar with." This presentation complements the book "My Five Senses," but can of course be used without it as well. It includes activities, questions (which can incorporate the use of SMART Response), and multi-media as well. This lesson has been created by Rebecca Simon.

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My Five Senses Lesson

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