Session Title: Go Green, Create and Integrate!
Objectives: This session will explore practical, green teaching and content creation methods through use of existing instructional technology hardware and software in the classroom

A Sample Elementary Reading Activity titled "Choosing The Right Word" is part of this session's Notebook File. The sample whole-group exercise focuses on students finding context clues from the story Just Go To Bed by Mercy Mayer to fill in the missing word. The activity will then be deconstructed to demonstrate integration of the following components.
  • Use of The SMART Document Camera to capture print materials
  • Use of Notebook Software as a green lesson creation and delivery platform
  • Use of SMART Response Systems to guage understanding, administer assessments, collect data and distribute in a green fashion
  • Use of SMART Response Reporting tools to deliver testing results to students & parents digitally

Presenter: Erin Minich