Dazzle Up Your Treasures with Smartboard Lessons!
Learn how to enhance your Treasures Lessons by using a variety of Smart Tools, animated graphic manipulatives, thinking maps,Treasures online link, sound cards, teaching charts,and Smart Response. These lessons align with the Kindergarten Treasures Reading Program and the Common Core. The target audience is Kindergarten but all Early Childhood Teachers are welcome!
These lessons can be used in a whole group setting and then reinforced in a small group setting or as a center activity.
Lessons created by Cynthia Weinbrenner, a bilingual kindergarten teacher at Woodside Elementary to benefit the students and the kindergarten team! I have been teaching for ten years at Woodside Elementary. I am certified to teach Pre-k through eighth grade and hold a Masters in Elementary and Middle School Science Education.
I hope these lessons give you bright ideas to dazzle up your lessons. The greatest reward I received in my classroom is student achievement and enthusiasm to learn! Go dazzle your students with Treasures!