Using SMART Response with the Special Education Population

Do you love to learn new ways to incorporate technology into your classroom, but you're not sure your students can handle it? Do you teach students with cognitive or behavioral needs? If so, this session is perfect for you!

This session will focus on using the Smart Response LE clickers to administer both formative and summative assessments that are aligned with Common Core Language Arts standards to students with special needs. We will cover designing and delivering a Smart Response assessment from start to finish, spending time on both the logistics of the technology and the content of the assessments. Instructional strategies aimed at the special education population will be demonstrated and discussed. The strategies can be used with students who are at any point on the special education continuum, including students with learning disabilities, students with severe and profound cognitive disabilities, and anyone in between. You will also get hands on practice developing your own smart response questions.

Please come join me as we have fun discovering ways to make technology accessible to ALL students!

Caitlyn Andersen
2nd-3rd Grade MINC teacher
Woodside Elementary