IMG_0035.jpgCommon Core Math for the SmartBoard

Common Core Math is as much about learning numbers and number sense as it is about encouraging our youngest learners to think about numbers and number sense in a variety of ways. Common Core Kindergarten Math dives deeply into several related areas of mathematics to help ensure that Early Childhood students have a good strong math foundation before they move on to more challenging math.

The SmartBoard is an excellent vehicle for teaching and reinforcing these skills and knowledge in Kindergarten Math. The topics in the curriculum over the course of the year include Counting and Cardinality, Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Numbers and Operations in Base 10, Measurement and Data, and Geometry. The SmartBoard can be used as a whole group teaching tool but is also great for setting up small group or math center activities to reinforce those skills. It's also useful for assessment through the SmartResponse system.

This SmartBoard presentation focuses on the realm of Counting and Cardinality, but I have also included examples of some of the other lesson areas. While my lessons today concentrate on Kindergarten, Early Childhood teachers can all enjoy my presentation and share their own experiences with me.